Bring it back to basics, and make yourself a warm cup of tea.

Drinking tea makes it necessary to slow down or you’ll quite literally burn your tongue. Notice the warmth of the cup in your hands, notice the aroma of the tea leaves, feel the soothing sensation of the warm liquid move through your body.

Use this cup of tea to enable you to feel present in your body at any time. You can make yourself a cup of lemon water if you don’t have tea. Add a little honey to cut the bitterness.

Lemons are highly alkalizing in the body despite tasting acidic. High levels of acidity in the body can be responsible for raising cortisol (stress) levels, creating tension in the body, poor blood flow, and sore muscles. When you drink and eat an alkaline diet you help yourself by reducing stress, aiding in relaxation.

Alkalinity relaxes muscles, helps to calm emotions and provides energy. These are not often things we think of AT ALL if we are already experiencing dissociation and feeling ungrounded due to grief. Having an understanding that the environment we are creating in our bodies impacts the health of our hearts and minds as well, brings our focus back to small acts of self-care. 

Not only is our diet a major factor in the PH balance of our bodies, but in our emotions as well. Toxic emotions such as stress, anxiety, and fear can also create an acidic environment in our bodies. This can lead to unclear decision-making and promote fear and anxiety cycles.

So boil yourself some water, pour yourself a warm cup of lemon tea and add some honey to cut the bitterness. Focus your attention on the sensations and come home to your body in doing so.


Here are several alkaline and acidic food varieties to be aware of.

Alkaline foods: whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and healthier fats and proteins such as nuts, seeds and fish.

Acidic foods: processed foods, red meat, coffee, alcohol, dairy


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