Redefine Your Relationship With Loss Through Guided Personalized Ceremony

Life, Death, & The Space Between Podcast


Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to talk about, much less deal with death in our society?

Have you struggled with your emotions around the death of a loved one? Have you scrambled to find ceremony and meaning when facing death?⁠

If so, this conversation with Dr. Amy Robbins is the one you’ve been waiting for.


Podcast Description:

In this episode, we talk with Jessica Wertz, a ceramics artist and founder of “Spirit Vessel” where she creates personalized ceremonies to honor the lives of loved ones, with meaningful ritual and handcrafted, uniquely designed urns.

Listen in to hear Jessica Wertz invite you to redefine your relationship with loss through guided, personalized ceremony.


Topics We Discuss:

  • How Jessica Wertz’ journey from artistry and creativity, through the forests of Oregon, lead her to Spirit Vessels so early in her life.
  • Using an intentional, uniquely created Spirit Vessel urn to beautify and signify a loved one’s life.
  • How to bypass the tabu and stigma around death in our culture, and rise above the difficulty of talking about death.
  • How to approach a better way of living through the lens of death; growing through the wisdom of death.
  • Jessica’s passion for reintroducing the long lost art of ceremony into the common experience of losing a loved one.
  • Rekindling the lost ancient technology of ceremony, helping to create a sacred time and hold sacred space to give reverence, honor and celebrate; to center the community around the spirit of a loved one.
  • Spirit Vessel will help continue the markers of life: birth, baptism/bris, graduation, marriage, anniversaries – with emotional and spiritual living memorials or after death memorial services.
  • How you can honor your loved ones in this world and into the next.
  • How we are socially wired to connect in community!


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Learn more about Spirit Vessel Ceremonies here.

Life, Death, & The Space Between Podcast

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