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Your Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Package will include a handmade ceramic urn, mindfully crafted in our New Mexico studio. The Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Guide and template will guide you through every aspect of designing, creating, and carrying out your personalized ceremony. 

Whether you are Pre-planning, having a Living Memorial, or an End Of Life Ceremony, our Ceremony Essentials pamphlet provides comprehensive options on how to plan your memorial ceremony. 

The Conversation Assistance pamphlet offers guidance on how to have difficult conversations with your family. Also included is an organized checklist and timeline for suggested personal, estate, and financial matters.

Additional pieces for your ceremony and altar memorial space include a handmade incense bowl to accompany your urn, five incense cones of our Heart Chakra Herbal Blend, four Spirit Vessel votive candles, and gold thread that may be used for ceremony prompts.

ceremonial package includes

Spirit Vessel Three

Eternity Collection

Handmade ceramic urn (approx. 200 cu. in.)

Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Guide

Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Template

Ceremony Essentials Pamphlet

Conversation Assistance Pamphlet

Organized Checklist and Timeline 

Handmade incense bowl

Five Heart Chakra Blend incense cones

Four Spirit Vessel votive candles

Gold thread for ceremony prompts

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