personalized celebration of life ceremonies

Personalized Celebration Of Life Ceremony

So Sorry For Your Loss Podcast


On this episode of the So Sorry For Your Loss Podcast with Gianna Demedio we had the honor of discussing how to talk about and plan for death with your family through personalized Celebration of Life ceremonies.

The conversation centers on the importance of planning for death within your family so that you can personalize the ceremony in a way that truly honors your loved one as they would have wanted.

Learn more about pre-planning a ceremony here.


Podcast Description:

Americans have made so many advancements in life, but why has the understanding and acceptance of death relatively stayed stagnant? Over the past year, COVID forced people to think about funerals and death differently as virtual arrangements needed to be made. And this opens up the question– how can death be handled better?

Jessica Wertz has set out to do just that. With her and her sister’s company, Spirit Vessel, they want people to “live more full and conscious lives by having the ability to address the most important aspect of our life– our death.”

She talks about why our culture has a disconnect in the wheel of life when it comes to the end of the cycle, ways to think differently about death and funerals, and ways her company promotes planning personalized celebration of life ceremonies.

Episode Highlights:

  • What led Jessica and her sister Amanda to starting a business about death
  • Jessica’s time living in the wilderness for three years gaining a different perspective on life
  • Why a personalized death ceremony could help your grief after
  • How to approach difficult conversations about death with family
  • Advice for setting up a will and wishes
  • Innovative ways to add personalization to a funeral
  • Passages and prompts offered in the Spirit Vessel guide to help you design a meaningful death celebration for you or your loved one


We encourage you to have a listen to this wonderful conversation HERE.

We’d also love to hear from you in the comment section below. How have you facilitated these conversations with your family? And if you haven’t, what are some challenges that come up for you in doing so?

So Sorry For Your Loss Podcast: Personalized Celebration Of Life Ceremony

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