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The Grief Gratitude & The Gray In Between Podcast


In this lovely conversation with Kendra Rinaldi we had the opportunity to chat about Spirit Vessel, how it was founded, the packages and ceremonies that we have created, and our loving intention behind these offerings.

We invite you to have a listen, and if you’d like to learn more you can do so HERE.


Podcast Description:

Spirit Vessel was created in 2019 by the sister team of Founder and CEO, Jessica Wertz and Co-Founder, Amanda Wertz McClellan.

Spirit Vessel was conceived in 2018 when Jessica was working in her ceramic studio in Oregon. Recognizing how her connection with grief became a great catalyst in her own life she was inspired to create a healing and empowering impact on others lives during some of our most challenging times. After sharing this vision with her sister, Amanda, the company was formed.

We live more full and conscious lives by having the ability to address the most important aspect of our life – our death.

Through restoring the use of intimate ceremony around death, Spirit Vessel creates a guideline for meaningful connection through interaction.

Spirit Vessel carries the understanding that by acknowledging what hurts we can then allow it to heal. When we can grieve, we honor who and what we love.

The Spirit Vessel studio is located in southwest New Mexico, nestled in the hills of the Gila National Forest. Each urn is handmade and mindfully crafted with love.


Learn more about the Spirit Vessel offerings here.

The Grief Gratitude & The Gray In Between Podcast

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