Ceramic Urns
Celebration Of Life Ceremonies

Ceramic Urns 
Celebration Of Life Ceremonies

We offer mindfully handcrafted Ceramic Urns and personalized Celebration Of Life Ceremony Packages to assist in grieving, honoring, and celebrating you or your loved one.


Spirit Vessel’s ceremonies honor all beliefs, all walks of life, and aim to restore our sacred connection to death.

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The Spirit Vessel studio is located in southwest New Mexico, where each ceramic urn is handmade and mindfully crafted with love and intention.

We help guide you and your loved ones through a deeper, more intimate layer of life by way of personalized ceremony. Spirit Vessel provides support and tools for at home, intimate, personalized ceremonies, in which you can participate by yourself or with others. Our ceremonies recognize and highlight the joy of our loved one's life while holding space for the complexities of grief for those left to live on.

“Before my mother passed she asked if we could go over her last wishes. Knowing mom wasn’t the type to have the traditional funeral wake, I wasn’t shocked to hear that she had found an alternative way. She designed her memorial service ceremony with Spirit Vessel and I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly helpful that was. We gathered as family and friends and gave her the celebration she asked for. Every detail was thought of, it was amazing.” 

Cynthia B.

“I would encourage anyone to work with Spirit Vessel on designing their grief ceremony. They were instrumental in empowering me to organize a ceremony for my grandmother that I will forever be grateful for.”

michele k.

"I discovered Spirit Vessel by accident while on the Internet one day. I liked the idea of a personalized grief ceremony as soon as I read about it. My father, who suffers from dementia, wishes to be cremated, and as soon as I shared this idea with my mother, we agreed that creating a ceremony for him was what we wanted to do. We have chosen our ceremonial package, and my mother and I have found comfort in planning for my father’s passing and giving him the living memorial ceremony that he would want.”

trevor n.


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